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Fall in Love: 6 Astonishing Photos of Belize Jungle Weddings!

Imagine your wedding ceremony held amidst exotic flowers and birdcalls in the tropical rainforest of Belize, or next to an ancient Maya temple rising out of lush jungle as you stand on worn stones trod centuries ago by high priests and royalty. Or perhaps you prefer having huge, iridescent blue butterflies released into the forest as you exchange vows and savour that very special kiss.

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8 Astonishing Photos of Belize Beaches

Check out these 8 Astonishing Pictures of Belize Beaches: Belize boasts of 240 miles of coastlines and some 450 islands making it a top Central America beach destination. Here are 8 astonishing […]

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Belize of Belize - The Scarlet Macaw

10 Astonishing Birds of Belize you must see!

Here are 10 Birds of Belize you must see! Almost 600 bird species have been identified in Belize, 20% of them winter migrants from North America. Even if you are […]

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7 of Belize’s Most Impressive Attractions To Visit in 2017

There is so much to see in Belize. Sun, sand and beach, tropical rainforests, mountains, extensive cave systems, the mostly unexplored remains of the ancient Maya civilization and it's diverse cultures. We have compiled the top 7 impressive attractions in Belize just in time for your 2015 vacation.

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10 Photos And A Video You Won't Belize!

10 Photos and a Video You Won't Belize!   Who knew that 2014 had surprises left...turns out that the highlight of my year was just last week on a last minute […]

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7 Amazing Photos of Belize

Here are 7 Amazing Pictures of Belize to enjoy: a site that features astonishing photos and videos of popular attractions around the world featured Belize and captured the fascinating beauty […]

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6 Reasons Visiting Belize Is a Really Good Idea

Going on vacation doesn't mean that your healthy lifestyle goes on hiatus. While exotic beaches may conjure up visions of piña coladas and endless napping for some people, it’s easy to stay healthy when you choose the right vacation destination – and visiting Belize is a super smart destination for people in search of a healthy living paradise.

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Chaa Creek -River-Tubing

Tubing down the Macal River: Belize Floating Paradise

Like most things at Chaa Creek, river tubing began as a couple of one-off adventures that caught on. In time, through experience and word of mouth, tubing became more and more in demand, to the point where it’s now another regular daily offering.

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Belize Celebrates the Noble Cashew

The festival celebrates all things cashew, and featured products such as that delightful cashew wine, as well as cakes, pies, pastries, syrups, vinegar and all sorts of other spinoffs. Belizeans have enjoyed the cashew in its many forms for generations, and probably nowhere as much as Crooked Tree, where the industry is at the heart of the local economy.

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Belize Butterflies on the Road: Chaa Creek visits school

As part of our commitment at The Lodge at Chaa Creek is to work with our local communities in building awareness and educating our local people on conservation and preservation of our natural environment. And in that respect, as part of our community outreach program, today saw our “Butterfly on the Road” Program when two of our Naturalist Guides packed up their equipment and visited the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio Town.

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