Belize Eco-Kids: Camp Concludes!

Eco Kids Camp Summer 2017

Friday – Sustainable Tourism We all woke up with a buzz of energy today, very probably from the huge amount of food we’ve been eating … Read more

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp 2015 Wrap-Up!

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Although the 2015 Eco-Kids SummerCamp is officially over, the lessons learned and the knowledge obtained about how to be ecologically sustainable and responsible will never leave the campers. But, more importantly, the bonds these campers made with each other, the counselors, and the Chaa Creek staff are now well molded!

Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Day 4: Land Conservation!


The journey of knowledge continued on Thursday at the Eco-Kids Camp as the campers learned about land conservation. After breakfast and arts and crafts, when the kids constructed their own wallets made of reused cardboard and recycled tape, they were summoned to the Chaa Creek Maya Organic Farm for a tour with big boss himself Mr. Mick!

Eco-Kids Camp Day 3: Medicinal Plants and Horseback Riding


Today the campers went for a guided tour of the Ixchel Medicine Trail here at Chaa Creek with some of our naturalist experts. Before the tour started, the naturalists gave a short presentation and show and tell on the importance of medicinal plants, how to use them, and how they help make medicine today.

2015 Belize Eco Kids Camp Day 2: Maya Culture & History


For arts and crafts time today, the campers focused on the definition of the three R’s of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. With used bed cloth and recycled plastic bottles, they learned that they were reducing the number of bottle huggers and bags that people buy, as they made their own packs to carry water bottles and other small trinkets they may want! More importantly though, they had fun designing their own articles of fashion with their team mates and counselors.

Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp: Biodiversity & Conservation!


The eco-kids campers started the first full day of camp early Monday morning around the campfire singing traditional Belizean songs. Under the guidance of the resident expert eco-artist Miss Lilly Jones, each camper made their own “jungle journal” from recycled materials, which they will use to take personal notes on each day’s activities.

2015 Belize Eco-Kids Camp Rule #1 – JUST BE A KID!


Upon arrival at the camp grounds the Eco-Kids were assigned to both their cabins and their teams for the week. The Tapirs, Toucans, Jaguars, and last but not least, the Howler Monkeys. Then they were all assembled in the dining area to design their team flags with paint and markers. Most of the campers were ecstatic when they learned that their hand and footprints were eligible to go on their team flags!

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp 2015 Kick-Off!


The annual eco-kids summer camp gives 24 young Belizeans between the ages of 8 and 13 a chance to learn about their natural world through a mix of adventure, social interaction, and fun filled applied education – all aimed at instilling a sense of wonderment in the unique cultures that constitute Belize and the environment that sustains us all.

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp Winners 2015!


24 young Belizeans between the ages of 8 and 13 have won a one week Chaa Creek Eco Kids Summer Camp Package which is scheduled from July 19th to the 26th, 2015. We want to congratulate all winners of our Eco Kids Essay Competition from more than 150 entries countrywide.

Why I want to become an Eco-kid

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

I would like to become an Eco – kid because I have become aware that the flora and fauna are very valuable for the survival of our planet and the human race. I notice in the international news that the world resources are under constant stress. In our country, there is illegal fishing, hunting, cutting down of pristine forest. Our resources are being invaded by our neighbour, our own people are engaging in illegal activities to harm our environment and that is very sad.

I am, Eco Kid

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

I want to be an eco-kid because I care for my environment and caring for the present means protecting our future. As an eco-kid, I will protect my environment so that a change in the way we live may start to take place. Belize is full of nature; it is like a little paradise in the heart of Central America.

Why I Want to Learn About Biodiversity and Conservation

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

While I was reading a book on ecosystem I became interested in the biodiversity, natural resource, conservation and the three ‘r’ reduce, reuse and recycle. I am very concerned about our ecosystem because we need to find a way of living, one that creates less pollution of the earth’s atmosphere and can lower the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the earth called global warming.

Why I want to be an Eco Conscious Kid!

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

As an Eco conscious kid I practice conservation by doing things that should be done like if you are fishing you catch what you will eat, not what you don’t. As an Eco conscious kid I practice solid waste management by not throwing trash all over the place and not picking it up.

I Want to Learn about Nature and Animals


I want to be an eco kid because I think it would be fun and I like to watch animals. I have five dogs and seven puppies. My favourite animals are cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, foxes and wolves. I also like butterflies and birds. I have seen morfo and monarch butterflies.

How Important Is Being Eco-Friendly to You?


I am a smart, handsome and respectable young boy. I love travelling and meeting new people. Being Eco friendly is a good idea because it allows us to protect and preserve what valuable assets we have in our surroundings. We can practice being Eco- friendly by turning off lights when it is not necessary, turning off water sources when there is no need to use water and recycling asset that can do so.