Healthy Activities, Great Spas, Yoga, Wellness, and Exquisite Dining – Welcome To Chaa Creek’s Healthy Belize Vacations

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The ancient Romans had an expression for it: Mens sana in corpore sano, or, a healthy mind in a healthy body And now Chaa Creek has a name for vacations inspired by that wise old saying – Healthy Belize. The Healthy Belize concept came together while learning and practicing yoga with Chaa Creek’s new inhouse … Read more

Is Belize the World’s most carefree travel destination?

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Chaa Creek certainly has our vote The world’s most carefree travel destination? That’s a pretty big claim, so let’s unpack it. The Lodge at Chaa Creek sits within a 400-acre private nature reserve owners Mick and Lucy Fleming built over time – ever since they settled in a remote part of the former British Crown … Read more

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy fourth of july USA from Chaa Creek Belize Resort

Happy Fourth of July from all of us here at Chaa Creek! All of us here at Chaa Creek want to take a moment to wish our American friends, families, visitors and colleagues a very happy Fourth of July. It’s hard to imagine two nations that share a closer bond and as many similarities as … Read more

Both Chaa Creek And Mother Nature Cheer As Belize Moves To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags On Earth Day 2019

Belize moves to ban single plastic use on earth day 2019

We’re getting closer folks! Back in March of last year we joined the world in applauding the Government of Belize’s courageous decision to ban single-use plastic bags, utensils, Styrofoam containers, and other environmental nasties beginning on Earth Day, April 22 2019. You can read about it here: And let’s be clear – it was a … Read more

Chaa Creek’s Pack-A-Pound Kicks off A New Year By Bringing Joy (and some very welcome school supplies) To Young Belizean Students

Chaa creek pack a pound Belize sustainable tourism January 2019

What a delightful way to kick off a new year! Although Chaa Creek’s “Pack-A-Pound” program has been bringing visitors and Belizeans closer together for years now, it still never fails to touch our hearts to see the combination of guests’ generosity and the sincere gratitude shown by the young students who benefit from it. For … Read more

Both The Lodge at Chaa Creek And Belize Are 2019’s “Hot Destinations” According To Travel Writers

chaa creek and belize considered top 2019 travel destinations by travel writers

It’s no secret that Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek have both been steadily growing in popularity. It didn’t happen overnight, but it sure did happen. Evolving from a relatively unknown backwater to hot travel destination, Belize and Chaa Creek’s climb to worldwide recognition has been the Cinderella story of global tourism. Unknown, unrecognised … Read more

Culture, Cuisine, Relaxation And Adventure All Come Together In 2019 With Chaa Creek’s “Connected Vacations”

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Belize All Inclusive Connected Vacations Regular readers would be familiar with our promises that some new – dare we say exciting – things are on the horizon for 2019. There’s the extensive upgrades to the Tree Top Villas – making the lodgings a certain member of the British Royal Family enjoyed even more luxurious, as … Read more