Belize: 10 Astounding Natural Attractions

10 astounding natural attractions in belize header

Here are 10 astounding natural attractions in Belize According to Merriam-webster dictionary, Humans, as a race has always had a knack for building impressive edifices to house their most precious people, trinkets or beliefs in. It’s as though we have … Read more

5 Superb Things That Make Belize Paradise on Earth


Belize is Paradise on Earth – Here’s 5 Superb Reasons Why! Anyone who lives in Belize will tell you that it is absolutely gorgeous here year round. Most of us would rather not live anywhere else – frankly, even those … Read more

Moving to Belize After US Elections Made Easy

Introduction to moving to or Retiring in Belize

Try Thinking about Retiring or Making a Move to Belize If Things Are Getting You Down… There – Don’t You Feel Better Already? Give us your tired, fed up, hungry for peace and quiet and yearning to be free (from … Read more

9 Awesome Reasons Why You’ll Love Belizean Winter

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9 Reasons Why Winter In Belize Is The Most Enjoyable Of Them All! Everyone loves Belize, it’s not a matter of if but when – here are our favorite things about Belizean “winters” 1 Absolutely No Frost In Belize What’s … Read more

Belize Folklore Legends – Finados Edition


Belize’s Finados and Folklore Legends The young nation of Belize has been made home by a diverse spectrum of people and cultures, all with their own beliefs and practices. As you can imagine having so many different people with different … Read more

Papa Du’s 105th Birthday [Photoblog]


Last week Saturday  we were treated to a truly time transcending experience. A charming old man who is affectionately known as “Papa Du” visited The Lodge at Chaa Creek for a pre-birthday celebration lunch with his family. He was accompanied by … Read more

Belize Weather (By Month In 2022)


Belize Weather (By Month In 2022) Look: The weather in Belize is generally warm; our near-the-equator setting pretty much guarantees sunlight and blue skies throughout most of the calendar year. That said, Mother nature is still unpredictable and travelers may … Read more

Belize In December: Best Reasons To Visit


The Best Reasons to Visit Belize In December For many, December is a time synonymous with family, a time to share in the company you might not usually get other times of the year, or in Belize at-least. For children … Read more

Best Time To Visit Belize (2022 Update)


The Best Time To Visit Belize (2022 Update) Depends On What You Are Looking For Mother nature’s best kept secret see’s a surprising number of visitors for a “secret”, but with lush virgin jungles and cushiony white sand beaches it … Read more

9 Cool Belize TV Appearances


Worthy Belize TV Appearances Being a small, relatively inconspicuous nation as far as media goes usually means that Belize sightings on tv are very few, and very far between, and that also means that when we do catch a glimpse … Read more

Belize Culture: Ethnic Groups Explained (2022 Update)


Belize is often called a “melting pot” of cultures, but this may be a bit of a misnomer. Belize culture is far better described as an elegant latticework of different peoples weaving around and between each other. The term melting pot … Read more

Belize Destinations: 7 Underrated Places To Visit


7 Underrated Belize Destinations In No Particular Order There’s a small army of activities to participate in when you’re in Belize, some of our other posts can give you detailed guides of the wheres and how-tos of Belize’s most premiere … Read more

Belize Animals: 6 Must See Safari Contenders


Here are 6 Belize Animals You Must See Belize is famous for wildlife adventures. You can walk through the vast jungles and intense habitat that boast of an incredible variety of fauna. Belize is graced with miles of coastal forest … Read more

Clear signs you have a case of Belize Withdrawal


Your go-to reference list for Belize Withdrawal For those of you who more than just “miss” it here.  If you’ve been to Belize, chances are, you loved it and miss it from time to time, but sometimes it gets more … Read more