Belize Weather (By Month In 2022)


Belize Weather (By Month In 2022) Look: The weather in Belize is generally warm; our near-the-equator setting pretty much guarantees sunlight and blue skies throughout … Read more

9 Cool Belize TV Appearances


Worthy Belize TV Appearances Being a small, relatively inconspicuous nation as far as media goes usually means that Belize sightings on tv are very few, … Read more

Complete Guide To Belize City


Your guide to Belize City, Central America! Belize City is the old capital of the jewel and also the financial and industrial hub of Belize. … Read more

6 must do activities in Mountain Pine Ridge!


The mountain pine ridge forest reserve area of Belize covers over 400km squared of land in the Maya Mountains and is the exclusive home of many of our wildlife species and some interesting jungle resorts. Here six (in no particular order) things you really can’t miss when up in Belize’s pine ridge!

LIVE BLOG: The La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge 2016!


Every year on the Friday morning of the Sovereigns day weekend (March 7th in lieu of the 9th this year) both amateur and professional teams of rowers from Belize and elsewhere gather to participate in the “La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge”. This four day endurance canoe race is the only of its sort in this region and pits the teams of three against the rigours and surprises of navigating the Macal and Belize rivers.

9 English Words that mean something different in Belize!


Chances are that if you’ve been to Belize then it’s happened once or twice, so for those of you who always wondered what that Belizean guy jested at the other, heres 9 common words that mean something different in Belize:

Belize Transportation Guide – Travel Dos and Don’ts


With all these options it might become easy to get careless and throw caution to the wind because, why not, this guy over here said there’s a bunch of ways to get around in Belize anyway, so why not be spontaneous? So for those of you looking to just dive in here’s a few Dos and Don’ts for travelling in Mother nature’s best kept secret.

Top Reasons Why We Love Belize in September!


September is one of our favourite months in Belize, and, with the country halfway through the always-exuberant September independence celebrations, having observed St George’s Caye Day on the tenth, partied at Carnival on the 12th, and getting ready for the big nationwide Independence Day celebrations on September 21st, now’s a good time catch our breath and reflect upon all those things that make September in Belize so special.

The Wonderland that is the Belize Zoo!


As with Chaa Creek’s Belize Natural History Centre, Chaa Creek Cares and our other projects, the Belize Zoo shows that true eco-tourism contributes to society and the environment while giving visitors the chance to reconnect with the nature. We all believe that the more people become familiar with the natural world, the more they’ll come to appreciate and protect it.